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Targeted Seminars.

Prof. Ken has conducted seminars and trainings globally. As an authhor, graduate level professor and professional trainer, Prof. Ken has developed programs to grow business on many levels.


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Prof. Ken Explains the US Market for Small Business at Brazil Forum



Entering the U.S. market is full with promise and opportunity. The U.S.  market is one of the easiest markets to begin to sell your products or service in yet one of the hardest to build a successful business. Your goal of internationalization should not be just to enter a market but to build a business in that market. When you are ready to enter the U.S. market, your thoughts and strategy must be aligned to that goal.


Estimates have product failures at between 75% to 90%, while nearly 80% of all grocery, drug and mass-market items fail within one year of introduction within the U.S. These ugly stats hold true with U.S. based products and products coming in from other countries into the U.S. market. Many products fail due to lack of planning from the manufacturer and limited buy-in from the market. This seminar identifies the three most common mistakes a company makes when trying to enter the U.S. market.



Time : 45 – 60 Minutes

Handouts : Basic presentation, Booklet and worksheet

Hands on in-seminar activities: No

Podcast Available: Yes

Video Available: No

Seminar List

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  • 3 Mistakes Not To Make When Entering the US Market

  • 10 Things To Do When Entering A New Market.

  • Bringing Medical Products to the U.S.A.

  • Land Your Product In The U.S. Market

  • Five Marketing Fundamentals Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

  • 9 Things to Do To Build Your Business in 3 Months

  • Brand Building From The Inside

  • Ideas To Business

  • Launching a New Product

  • Preparation for a New Product Idea

  • Prospecting for new business from your desktop.

  • Selling. A lost Art.

  • Designing a Sales Team That Sells!

  • Five Mistakes Of Marketing

  • Target Marketing

  • 10 FREE Marketing Ideas For Our Tech World

  • 360º Marketing

  • 5 Tradeshow Actions That Build Business.

Prof. Ken Explains concepts to help strengthen small business.

ekn links provides a number of solutions to help build and grow any business. From building a new conceptgrowing a business, marketing products and services, and selling into major accounts and distribution, we can help. Below is a list of how we can help you. Our monthly Marketing Programs designed for maximum results on a minimum budget.


As a Marketing member, you receive a professional marketing expert who will oversee the strategic planning and implementation of your marketing programs. Our award-winning art managers and graphics team design the visual look and style of your advertising, whether it’s a simple layout for a single post card or a multi-page product brochure. Our seasoned copywriters craft compelling and persuasive sales messaging that clearly and creatively positions your company’s product or services in the best light. Small Biz Pilot media planners and buyers have broad experience negotiating media packages for a wide range of business types in markets all across the country. We are a one stop shop to Build, Grow, Market and Sell your products or service!

ekn links Services

Email and Direct Mail

Small Biz Pilot provides a variety of email and direct mail resources and designs to help grow your business. We begin the process with a campaign design that fits targets your goals and build a customized plan to grow your business.


Promotions and Sweepstakes

Small Biz Pilot will help you create online & social media polls, sweepstakes, and instant-win promotions for prospects at your store, trade show booth or online.


Television and Video

Small Biz Pilot has exclusive partnerships with key firms within the production community. Our partnerships help us get exclusive rates on online viral videos, TV ads and commercials to help promote your business, all produced professionally by advertising experts. Our process makes it easy to create your own professionally produced, high-quality spots.


Marketing Research and Insight

With over 100 market research reports, Prof. Ken leads our Small Biz Pilot team to help our members gain insight into their customers and prospects through affordable marketing research, surveys, focus groups and more.


Traditional Marketing

We will professionally design your print and marketing collateral. Our team covers the full range of print materials, from postcards and flyers to ads and banners. Launch your new campaign quickly and get professional help.


Interactive Marketing

Social Media, Online and Mobile marketing apps and services create greater brand visibility and access to your customers. Small Biz Pilot will help to create interactive direct marketing campaigns that are precisely targeted and personalized to deliver real results.

These Interacitve Marketing Programs include:

  • FaceBook

  • You Tube

  • Twitter

  • The world of Online and Social Networking


Sales Solutions:

With conenctions in four continents, our team can help you sell your products internationally or here within the 50 states to large national accounts and smaller independent shops and distributors. Our sales solutions will help you build:

  • Manufacturers Reps

  • Sales Leads and Sales Development Programs

  • Key Account Relationships 

  • Sales Promotion Programs

  • Sales Personnel Development

  • Communicating Company image


Marketing Solutions:

Many products fail due to lack of planning from the manufacturer and limited buy-in from the marketplace. Estimates have new product failures between 75% to 90%, while nearly 80% of all grocery, drug and mass-market items fail within one year of introduction.  Small Biz Pilot will help you with:

  • Campaign planning, and management

  • Brand creation, planning and development

  • Positioning strategies

  • Product launches and promotional campaigns 

  • Direct mail, advertising, and P.O.P. campaigns

  • Competitive analysis programs

  • Co-op advertising programs

  • Direct mail programs

  • E-mail and web-based campaigns

  • Cross marketing initiatives

  • Public relations

  • Press release writing services

  • Management of  press and media

  • Increase online exposure and web traffic


Product Solutions:

Your products tell a story and that story will help your products sell.  Success of any product relies on strategic planning, creating goals and developing a unique selling proposition.  The Small Biz Pilot team will help with:

  • Distributor development programs

  • Business introductions

  • New channel development

  • Direct marketing

  • New product and company introduction

  • Insertion of product reviews

  • Media outreach and proactive pitching

  • Creative design

  • Internal and external communications

  • Trade show development programs 

  • Customer service programs  

  • Customer case studies

ekn links works with your executive team to implement strategic sales, product, on-line and marketing programs. We work to generate and build new consumers while increasing sales and revenues, creating sound marketing strategies, introducing new product strategies and positioning your company for growth. Our executive management team is comprised of seasoned corporate executives with hands-on business building experience throughout the United States and the world.

ekn links is a perfect outsourced marketing  and sales professional for those businesses without a marketing team. ekn links can manage everything you need, from sales programs to public relations to complete product launch campaigns.

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