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Free Online Courses

You're my kind of business leader! Always looking to be better! So to help with that I thought I give you FREE ACCESS

to my online courses. 


Free Business E-Books and Tools. 

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3 Mistakes of Marketing 3D Image.png

3 Mistakes of Marketing

This E-Book could save you thousands of dollars.

Don’t make these 3 Mistakes Common Mistakes.

Enter The US Market EBook by Prof. Ken f

Enter the U.S. Market

This E-Book could save you thousands of dollars and help reduce frustration when entering the U.S. Market.

Review these Things to Consider with your management team to improve your odds of success in the U.S. Marketplace.

3 Mistakes Made When Taking an Idea to B

3 Mistakes Made When Taking an Idea To Business

This E-Book will discuss what it takes to turn a great idea into a business, covering the stages from the “Ah-Ha” idea moment to beginning to make it happen.                                

US Market Checklist by Prof. Ken for ekn

U.S. Market Entry Checklist

Use this checklist to help you build your company in the U.S.


Miramar Web Optimization

Download the Miramar Biz Fit presentation that discusses how to optimize your website.                                

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