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96% Of Products Fail. Will yours?

Many products fail due to lack of planning and limited buy-in from the marketplace. ekn links will help increase your odds of success

Marketing Your Product to the World.

The ekn links team will help your management with your sales, marketing and product development to increase your odds of success. Together we will help your products increase their chance of success. We have won over 6 Product Launch and Marketing Awards over the last ten years. Below our three examples of our award winning successful marketing campaigns.

Get started building a strategy today.

Start building out your company strategy today. Contact us now.

Choose a plan below and we'll get on it with you right away. Launcing A New Product

Product Launch

Challenge: How can we launch a strong brand into new U.S. Market?

Issue: Popular brand in Brazil that needed to penetrate the U.S. market and start distribution.

Solution: Revise product positioning for U.S. market, redesign product packaging and portfolio, hire local promoters  develop local office team and build web and trade related initiatives.

Results: Establish local office  put on new distributors, improve product position and generate $1.5M sales in two years. Won Product Of The Year from industry professionals. Developin a Brand

Developing A Brand

Finalist New Product Music.png
Challenge: How do we develop a new product and brand into market?

Issue: New technology product needed to change current use of equipment while building sales and brand.​

Solution: Create local and popular experts to help promote the product, do demos in key areas, develop promotional viral videos and on line ads.

Results: Nominated Finalist Best New Product, increased exposure, new distributors and over $500k in sales in one year. ​​ Creating Demand

Create Demand

Challenge: How can we create demand for a new product?

Issue: New licensed product designed to be different did not have demand and recognition.

Solution: Create industry buzz, online platform and learning tools, develop viral videos, sales specials and industry promotions.

Results: Awarded best new product, increased exposure, new distributors and over $800k in sales in one year. Won Best New Product in Category.

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