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What is Growth Marketing?

Growth Marketing combines the use of online digital tools with traditional marketing models. Yes, that’s right. What you learned in Marketing 101 still applies today.  Growth Marketing finds new customers and works on improving engagement converting them to lifelong customers. Remember customer lifetime value?

Growth Marketing Formula

Research + Branding + Business Development +

Content Management + Social Media

Implementation - Analytics = Results

Growth Marketing Explained

Traditional Marketing focuses on awareness and acquisition, but growth without retention is not growth. You need to keep your customers. Growth Marketing works on acquiring customers who stick around to help build your business. The first sale is excellent, but it’s on sale 2,3,4 and 5 that you build long term value with your customer.

Growth Marketing is about gaining more engaged customers. You must go outside traditional thinking and add new digital components. Growth Marketing works the entire sales funnel – not just getting a customer but keeping a customer.

Growth Marketing has redefined the goal of marketing in the last five years. Growth Marketing works to focus on the customer journey. It’s about looking at your entire customer lifecycle and using those insights to create returns that drive more engaged customers.

Growth Marketing is marketing 2.0. We use analytical analysis while applying new ideas, concepts, and content to create and keep your customers. The use of digital tools such as targeted content creation, A/B testing, value-added blog posts, data-driven email marketing campaigns, SEO optimization, and technical analysis of a user’s experience is added to traditional marketing techniques. These combined strategies are implemented to achieve sustainable growth.

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