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Disclaimer: Testimonial are based on what our clients share with us and assume it to be factual. We don't verify their financial statements. We don't guarantee any results and you should know that building a business and investing in marketing is a risk.

ekn links Rebuilds Company Strategy

Challenge: How can we reposition a thirthy year old company?

Issue: Dated brands, slugglish sales and lost of profits forced this company to rebrand itself and look for investors.

Solution: Rebuild corporate identity from inside out starting with core selling techniques to the logo. Evaluate the product being sold and reposition all products for better margins. Rebuild and launch new web site and online campaign. Promote products with viral videos on line and to trade.

Results: Increased profits by 11%, sales increase over 20%, reduction of cost over 22%, great spike in online sales and traffic, company sold off to investment group.

Prof. Ken can help your company redefine goals and strategy.


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