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Building Your Small Business.

Entrepreneurs Should Not Do It Alone.

Your vision needs to have a direction, a strategic plan, a selective targeted campaign and a successful set of goals. ekn links developed the Small Biz Pilot Team to help you create these tools to bring your vision to the world.  Our network of business associates will help you bring this vision to a reality.  Create the vision, design the plan and execute the strategy.

We are your Partner.


At ekn links, we pride ourselves in our in-depth consultations services to our partners offering a wide range of corporate expansion, growth  services and growth strategies. We provide our clients with management services and expertise to help them achieve a wide range of objectives. Our Small Biz Pilot Team offers turnkey business support, helping the executive management team effectively expand business.

20+ Years of  Success.


Buyers and consumers want to know what your products are saying. The right message delivered along with well-planned small business marketing strategies and strong execution will deliver results. If your products can’t sell themselves then it’s time to get help. Let our Small Biz Pilot team launch and market your company position itself for success.

Sales Management


Our Small Biz Pilot Team will help you develop the tools necessary to achieve your sales targets. We will help to create a sales strategy that aligns with your new growth strategy of your small business idea.  Whether the answer is to use internal or independent representatives, we will determine how many salespeople you will need for your sales force.

Our business model is built on the foundation of adding value to our partners. Our Small Biz Pilot team helps deliver on our client's goal by utilizing tested best practice procedures and pure intellectual capital to provide growth alternatives that deliver results. Small Biz Pilot works through innovation techniques to improve a market position and increase company performance. The Small Biz Pilot team provides a strong network of seasoned professionals internationally that help us take our partnered companies to new heights and through these networks we can grow your small business.

Small Biz Pilot is a perfect outsourced marketing company for those businesses without a marketing team. Small Biz Pilot can manage everything you need, from Sales Programs to Public Relations to complete product launch campaigns.

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